The imbalance of 2017 begets the balance of 2018

I’ve been running into things a lot lately. I mean… a lot. I ran into the refrigerator one day, the corner of the oven the next and experienced numerous encounters with almost every wall throughout my home. One might think that it’s an equilibrium problem or eyesight issue, but I believe it may be something more. Perhaps something deeper than a physical imbalance, but rather an emotional imbalance of sorts.

Feel Inspired and Fulfilled when Starting Over in Business

One thing I have more experience with (more than I would like to admit) is in starting over. Whether this is because of a change in passion, financial status, divorce or unforeseen events; I have encountered my share of transitional life periods that started with things falling apart. This time in any person's life can be overwhelming, confusing and downright frustrating. But even though being 'in' this time can appear daunting – my experience shows that beyond the overwhelm awaits opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Tutorial: Create a Facebook Ad With Ease

The use of Facebook Ads for increasing website traffic, lead generation and product promotion can be quite effective if done properly. If you have never run a Facebook Ad, this tutorial, How to Create a Facebook Ad  With Ease is a great place to start as Kenya Moses walks through the technical side of getting your ad up and running.